My first attempt at a fishing "short".

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loop Knots for Nymphing #1

Loop Knots for Nymphing

A good friend Kyle Nelson said "If you want to catch a big fish, huck streamers.  If you want to catch a LOT of fish, nymph."  I never really nymph fished much until I moved to Bozeman some time ago.  Since then, I've found Kyle's words to be true.  This short video talks about the advantages of loop knots for a trailing nymph vs. a clinch knot.  A video on tying a perfection loop with a nymph is soon to follow!  Fish On!

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  1. Hey Sky! So glad that you started a blog! Glad you are doing what you love, we think of you often. Jack says he can't wait to come fishing with you in Montana!