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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Smith River Blues

559 and 817.  Those are two really good-looking numbers.  559 and 817.  As I said them out loud they just felt good rolling off my tongue.  When I saw them yesterday it made me happy.  And today, those numbers are 538 and 785.  They're dropping and looking better and better.

Those numbers are the flows (in cfs) on the Smith River at Ft. Logan and Eden Bridge respectively.  A good friend, Kyle Nelson, is on that river right now, and I'm sure he's pulling browns out left and right.  If you were to ask if I was jealous I'd respond with silence and a look that says "why would you ask such a ridiculous question?"  I was supposed to be there.  I was meant to be there, in the boat, hauling 20 inch fish all day long in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  But, as fate would have it (along with the shackles that connect me to my desk), I am not.  But, perhaps there is a silver lining... who knows who's in the boat now... 

Kyle and the crew put in at Camp Baker on Monday, May 28th, 2012.  I sent the dozens of flies that I had tied in anticipation for the trip along with them.  I certainly wasn't going to need 20 JJ's Specials anytime soon.  Hopefully they're being put to good use. 

Seeing those numbers might normally make my stomach turn, knowing that the flows were great, conditions were perfect, the water was clearing up, the fish were probably eating, and I had no place at the table.  But, for some reason, they make me feel great.  Good friends deserve good fishing.

Tight lines Kyle. 

The Picture was painted by Robert Spannring... How could anyone NOT be inspired in such a place?
Check out more of Mr. Spannring's work at or

Kyle Nelson is a co-founder of The Bobbin Droppers fly tying club, Bozeman, MT.

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