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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Water Temperatures

If you're not sure why I'm posting water temperatures here at this time of year, then perhaps you should consider following a different blog, perhaps something to do with cooking or the proper use of hot glue.  Perhaps check out Pinterest.  For everyone else:

Gallatin River at Logan:  The river is low, but the temperature readings on the USGS site are promising.  Temps dropped to 50 degrees F last night for what I think is the first time since the spring.  They are back up to 58 during the day, but with the cool day we had it should drop a little lower tonight.  Flow is between 300 and 350 cfs. 

Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway:  Fished this yesterday for an hour or two after work.  Fishing was slow.  I'll blame the shift to cooler weather and not my fishing abilities... as usual.  No temperature information on the USGS site and flows at 410 CFS.  Water felt pretty chilly up there, which is what I heard from my fishing companion who had a hole in his waders, but that's hearsay.  Objection.

Madison River below Ennis Lake near McAllister: Consistent discharge of 1,360 CFS.  Water temps down from 65 last week to almost 61 degrees last night.  Lets hope it'll continue to drop...fingers crossed.

Madison River near Cameron:  Not looking too bad.  Flows between 1000 and 1100 CFS and a low temp of 47 degrees last night.  Yesssss.  Got up to 55 degrees today.

Madison River at Kirby Ranch:  Temps ranging from daytime of 62 degrees and a low last night of 53.  Must be some chilly water dumping in below the dam.  CFS at 1010.

Madison River below Hebgen Lake:  The dam is pumping out 953 CFS and memories of learning the true sound of heartbreak when losing a gigantic brown this last spring between the lakes...'tis the "tic" of a line breaking.  Water temps dipped to 59 degrees last night and didn't get up to 61 today.  Chill baby chill.

Madison River near West Yellowstone:  Not sure exactly where this USGS site is (No. 06037500), but I wish they'd get a temperature reading at that site.  I wish I could designate exactly where my tax dollars go.  ("Dear IRS, I'd like to pay for an upgrade at USGS site No. 06037500.  Hope all is well and tell the family I said hello.  Sincerely, Sky)  Flows at 410 CFS. 

Missouri River at Toston:  Water is still hot in Toston, and I'm not talking about your Uncle Phil's disgusting hot tub after the last New Year's Party.  The low temp dropped to 59 last night and only looks like it's going to get up to 61 or 62 today.  Sunday, September 9th, 2012 it was up to almost 66. Icky.  Flows are between 1600 and 1800 CFS.

Jefferson River near Three Forks:  LOW.  No information on water temps on the USGS site. Flows between 300 and 350 CFS.  Probably warmer than two rats wrestling in a wool sock.

Shields River near Livingston:  33 CFS.  Dang low.

Yellowstone River near Livingston:  Flows at 1740 CFS.  Pretty low for this time of year when the 88 year median is at 2400 CFS.  Temps are looking good and probably much better than the air quality over there right now.  Dipped to 53 degrees last night but will probably get to around 58 today...

I'm looking to take a trip to Brownsville sometime soon if I can get caught up at work, and no, I'm not talking about South Texas.  If you made that mistake, like I said, check out Pinterest.

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