My first attempt at a fishing "short".

Monday, February 11, 2013

A few streamers from the bench.

A few selections from The Bobbin Droppers.  First, a pattern called "Matt's Llano Critter" from a shop in Texas.  Was probably originally used for Bass, but has since become my go-to trout streamer lately.  Second, a JJ's Special tied with barbell eyes so it rides hook-up (or, reverse).  So, I'll reverse the Js and call it a JJ's Special instead of a "JJ's" Special.  Lastly, some hare, hackle, wire, and chenille that my friend Satoshi Yamamoto ( has named "Big Sky's Upside-Down Olive-Griz Zebra Monster Brown Warrior Sculpin."  What a great name.  Another couple of suggestions are hairy stinkers and frog farts.... I like them both.

Hope all of you had a chance to get out and fish, or at least tie a little bit here and there.  Take care, sharp hooks, and keep warm!    - Sky

Dr. Slick's Field Trip!

We're putting together a little field trip out to Dr. Slick's in Belgrade.  They can accommodate a group of up to 6 and have offered to give us a grand tour after 5 on a weekday sometime in the next couple of weeks.  They are great folks manufacturing very high quality fly fishing and fly tying tools right here in the good ol' U.S.A.  Don't miss out on your chance to come check it all out!  Message "The Bobbin Droppers" at their facebook page (HERE) for more information!