My first attempt at a fishing "short".

Monday, February 11, 2013

A few streamers from the bench.

A few selections from The Bobbin Droppers.  First, a pattern called "Matt's Llano Critter" from a shop in Texas.  Was probably originally used for Bass, but has since become my go-to trout streamer lately.  Second, a JJ's Special tied with barbell eyes so it rides hook-up (or, reverse).  So, I'll reverse the Js and call it a JJ's Special instead of a "JJ's" Special.  Lastly, some hare, hackle, wire, and chenille that my friend Satoshi Yamamoto ( has named "Big Sky's Upside-Down Olive-Griz Zebra Monster Brown Warrior Sculpin."  What a great name.  Another couple of suggestions are hairy stinkers and frog farts.... I like them both.

Hope all of you had a chance to get out and fish, or at least tie a little bit here and there.  Take care, sharp hooks, and keep warm!    - Sky

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