My first attempt at a fishing "short".

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oldie but a goodie...

An older post from one of my favorite blogs - Yellowstoner.

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SUNDAY, APRIL 09, 2006

Spring Fly For Yellowstone Trout

This Fly Will Catch Fish!

It was a late night in the loft in Ennis, Montana. We had fished Beartrap, and the Madison near theislands - way below Norris. The sky was broken clouds and their shadows came and went on the water.

Some people call them 'Millers,' others call them moths. What ever they were, there was a scad-pile of them. A famous fishing guide said that he had the fly to match the hatch. We paused as he pawed through his kit and found two of them.

"Yellowstone Coachman," he cried and bit off the midge that he had been fishing. He shared his second fly with me, and we returned to the battle. Splash it down, float it in like a gossamer ghost - or anything in between. Fish raced to gather it up. Once I watched three fish dash from under a rock to get to the fly. This was magic.

We fished 'til almost dark and hooked every fish in that mile of the Madison - all 4,500 of them - or so it seemed! We drove back to Ennis, arm weary and bone tired. The road was dry, the sky was orange, the company was great. We stopped at the Town Pump for some fuel, and some other fuel.
As we sat in the loft and discussed the day we had to learn more about the Yellowstone Coachman. Our guide explained that he had gotten it from an old fisherman in West Yellowstone, Montana. He took it just to be kind to the old duffer; put it in his kit and forgot about it. Last year on opening day in Yellowstone Park he saw some 'millers' on the water and remembered the fly. He put it on as a lark and caught a few fish. Ever since then he brings it out in the early spring when the 'millers' are on the water.
This fly is a variant of the fan-wing coachman, The tail is longer and the hackle is softer and larger.
Ingredients for Yellowstone CoachmanTail = 3 or 4 peacock sword fibers, Body = peacock herl wound in middle with bright orange floss, Wings = barred chucker. Hackle = grade 3, or stiff hen - one size larger than hook, Head = black thread. Hook Sizes = 6 -14 regular dry fly. Drench with flotant and fish low in the film, or even submerged. Cast gently - it can twirl and sing by your ear and this is hard on the leader and your knots, (and maybe your ear.)
The last time I put a fly up, I got many emails about the set-up and questions about doing it. There is no secret, and the pictures are certainly not art. Look at the photo below for details. French wine seems to work best.

Monday, November 18, 2013

13/10,000ths of a Point. Sic 'Em Bears!

13/10,000ths of a point.  Yes, that's 0.0013.  That's all that stands in the way of Baylor and being ranked third in the BCS ahead of Ohio State.
          Things are falling into place for Baylor, however they are not entirely in control of their own destiny when it comes to the BCS National Championship picture.  While they must win the remainder of their games (including against #10 Oklahoma State this weekend in Stillwater) to have a chance, Florida State or Alabama (or great would that be?) must lose. 

If both of those things happen, the Green and Gold will wave in Pasadena. 

          With a win this weekend over Oklahoma State the BCS will have no choice but to place Baylor ahead of Ohio State and into third place.  Meanwhile, Florida State is playing Idaho this weekend (who stand at 1 and 9 and lost to Old Dominion last weekend).  They will win that game.  However, their true test will come against Florida on November 30th.  Florida just gave then #10 South Carolina a good run for their money, losing 19-14 to two fourth quarter field goals.  Their defense is going to have to show up, then who knows.

          Alabama doesn't have a walk in the park either... Teams in the SEC never do.  Auburn hosts them in the Iron Bowl on November 30th and could give them some trouble.

So, if anyone needs me on the 30th of November, don't bother.  I'm booked.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What the Baylor Bears Need To Do.

Yes, I love to fish.  Yes, I love bears, and no, not the kind that leave fresh scat for me to step in while on the trail two weekends ago.  I mean the Baylor Bears.  While I started this blog for all things fish, I am taking a break and throwing up (see: vomiting) a little quip on what I think it will take in order for my dear ol' Bears of Baylor to break through to one of the top two spots in the BCS...  

What Baylor Needs To Do:

          I laid in bed last night with my phone, which is never conducive to going to sleep.  Before I set it down I looked at the BCS rankings, the various team's schedules, and came up with what I believe will need to happen in order for my dear ol' Baylor Bears to have a shot at a National Title.  Ahead of them lie Bama, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, and Stanford.

#1.  Baylor must win the rest of its games.  I can't imagine that the computers, the human polls, and all the other voodoo that goes into the BCS rankings would look too favorably on Baylor with a loss.  That being said, one loss and they may still make it to a BCS Bowl Game, just not the chipper.

#2.  Baylor must win the rest of its games convincingly.  Squeaking out a win over unranked TCU might have the same effect as a loss to one of the three ranked teams remaining on their schedule (OU, TTU, and OSU).  By showing the same amount of dominance they've displayed all season it will certainly help their chances of leapfrogging Ohio State, which is one thing they will have to do to get to the top.  Ohio State's remaining schedule includes the equivalent of a decent 4A high school in Texas (Michigan) and two solid 3A New Mexico high schools (Illinois and Indiana).  If they lose a game, great, but the odds are not good.  That being said they have a BCS rating of .872.  Baylor is at .775, almost a full tenth of a point behind, but if Baylor wins out against solid competition, I predict that they WILL pass "Thuh" Ohio State University.

#3.  That brings us to the other teams ahead of the Bears.  We'll start with Bama, who is solidly in the top spot.  They probably won't lose a game.  That's who the Bears hope to play, first because if they do, they'll be playing in the chipper.  Secondly, because Baylor can beat them (45-38 I might add).  However, if the Tide gets rolled, great, more room for Bears.

#4.  Florida State leapfrogged Oregon this last week but as they play a weaker remaining schedule than Ohio State (see #2.), they will not stay there unless they can hang 80 points on all of them.  Florida will more than likely win the rest of their games, but if they don't do so in a big way, they will fall in the rankings, giving Baylor a shot at catching up by as early as the end of November. 

#5.  That brings us to Oregon and Stanford.  Thank goodness that they play each other this Thursday.  The winner will gain quite a few points in the polls, and the loser should fall out of the top 6, making room for BU to move up.  Should we root for a close game?  I think not.  If Stanford squeaks by Oregon they may very well just trade places.  A convincing win by either would help, but more so a win by Stanford.  This would knock Oregon out of contention while I believe that Stanford is more likely to be upset in their remaining schedule (USC, Cal, and Notre Dame).  This is another key to the puzzle....

#6.  The winner of Oregon and Stanford must be upset in one of their final three games.  In my mind this is the biggest long shot, but, they still have to play the games.

          There you have it folks.  While this is in no way a detailed analysis, it IS a scenario.  One that may work, or may not.  Regardless, strange things happen in the BCS, and a hum-drum ending to the season will not bode well for the chances of Baylor adding a crystal football alongside RGIII's Heisman in the new stadium.  Speaking of, the new stadium is coming along nicely.  To see a live look at the progress check this out:  

          So, Bear fans, root for a blowout in the Ducks-"Tree" game, a poor finish by the Seminoles, a rotting Buckeye, and pour your support into USC, Cal, Notre Dame, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon State.  Oh, and Sic 'Em Bears!